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Pompeo calls out China as US-India sign landmark BECA pact
 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is in India for the third edition of India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, on Tuesday sent out a message to China while assuring...

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on how Indian army has stood up to China

Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu on India Today TV

Kangana Ranaut, stunner first glimpse of Thalaivi

Congress worker thrashed for objecting ticket to an alleged "rapist"

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I mean what’s your problem with “free” vaccine? Taking apart the charges, one by one

Ashish Shukla

23th October 2020

All hell has broken loose. For the BJP is promising free vaccination to Biharis ahead of the elections. All muck-rakers usually in such situations are found in Indian...

Modi government sets aside $7 billion to vaccinate the people of India

Deepika Anjna

22th October 2020

The Indian government has set aside $7 billion or approximately Rs 500 billion to vaccinate the second most populous country of the world against the Coronavirus, says...

Bed of Arrows which still reminds us of Pitamah Bhisma and is now a temple

Surya Sarathi Roy

22th October 2020

Located in the midst of Narkatari Village, another all important place that bears a connection with the Kurukshetra War, is the place where Pitamaha Bhishma fell in the...

BJP launches “Atmanirbhar Bihar” manifesto; Jobs, IT hubs, free vaccine etc

Newsbred Staff

22th October 2020

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched its Bihar election manifesto. It’s titled “Paanch sutra, ek Lakshya, 11 Sankalp” and was released by Union...

So Modi’s men want to maximise India’s surplus land: Waqf Boards anyone?

Ashish Shukla

22th October 2020

I woke up this morning to the news that Modi’s men want to maximize its land within India. I mean it’s alright to secure our borders but what about...

Thank god China is only protesting against Taiwan in India; In Fiji they take matters into hands

Newsbred Staff

21th October 2020

Indian media ought to be grateful that their response to Taiwan’s National Day early this month was only met by pre-emptive warnings and angry retorts by the...

The Sarovar where Karna gave up his kavach and kundal to Lord Indra

Surya Sarathi Roy

21th October 2020

It was the 10th Day of the Kurukshetra War and Guru Dronacharya has passed and Anga Raj Karna appointed the Commander in Chief of the Kauravas. On the 09th Day night he...

If India Burns (Part II): No longer a question now that Nadda has thrown down the gauntlet

Ashish Shukla

21th October 2020

This glimmer of hope which I mentioned in the first piece has been offered by JP Nadda, Bharatiya Janata Party president, who has announced in Bengal that...

Covid-19 blues: If we have our Deepawali to worry about, US has its own on Thanksgiving

Bhumika Arora

21th October 2020

(While India gets into its festival season, the United States too gets ready for its own, Thanksgiving which falls on November 26. But the one this year is like no other....

Why Indian media isn’t concerned about Indian interests? Unlike Khaleej or Straits Times?

Veeresh Malik

20th October 2020

I have been guilty of leave without absence, multiple reasons, one of them being an attempt to complete a long-form article on the actual true ownership of India's...

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