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Dalit-Sikh CM? I thought Sikhism didn’t believe in caste and discrimination
There is no sense looking at the 2022 Punjab polls from the perspective of BJP even though it’s going solo and aims to contest all 117 seats. 

We could have CAA rules framed soon due to exploding Afghanistan crisis

Ashish Shukla

23rd August 2021

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) looks in offing even though the Modi government has sought an extension till January 9, 2022 for its rules to be...

Afghanistan script: Now you would have endless images of suffering Afghan women

Ashish Shukla

22nd August 2021

If I know how the West operates, you would soon have images of atrocities on Afghan women being splashed in newspapers. 

How long we the citizens be fooled by Committees or CBI inquiry?

Ashish Shukla

21st August 2021

We have all cheered CBI being asked to probe the post-poll violence in Bengal.. But how long you the citizens of India would be fooled by the constitution of a committee,...

Why you must not trust anyone over 30: A piece too important for you to ignore!


20th August 2021

While it may displease us, even nausea, to consider ideas such as the influence of eugenics on our troubled times, I believe that ignoring such a subject does no one in...

Calcutta HC comes down hard on Mamata govt: NDTV, Times Now tone it down

Newsbred Staff

19th August 2021

(Despite the toning down by the Lutyens Media—NDTV, Times Now etc—the observation by the Calcutta High Court today against the Mamata...

Their heart ticked on the beat of Indian hockey, never mind even when times were bad

Harpal Singh Bedi

19th August 2021

Indian hockey is riding on a euphoria The National team has won an Olympic medal, a bronze after 41 years and for some old timers it was a "dream come true"  

The liars of history who sit in the White House and befool humanity


19th August 2021

Worse than the lies that get us into wars that never should have happened are the liars who know nothing of the history of the countries they are determined to attack. ...

Talibans in Af control: How bad would be the fallout in Jammu and Kashmir?

Sant Kumar Sharma

18th August 2021

One thing that is being discussed here widely now in the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir is the likely impact of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on the...

Don’t be fooled: In the name of Taliban, US is creating a new “Axis of Evil” at our door!

Ashish Shukla

18th August 2021

I write in rather simpler words for an average reader to understand the situation in Afghanistan which the so-called geopolitical experts would dismiss as too simplistic...

This Indian team can walk on water; and yes they have three sets of teeth

Ashish Shukla

17th August 2021

It’s said angels don’t tire. For they don’t scrimp on their vigour. Thus there is no finiteness on strength. There is no fear of drowning. You could...

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