“If you can’t, we would ask Centre to take over”: Delhi HC to Arvind Kejriwal

27th April 2021

27th April 2021

Delhi High Court has today clarified that no request was made by them for rooms to be booked in the five-star Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi for the judges, staff and their families. 

“You don’t even have oxygen for people and you’re giving us 100 rooms? Stop passing orders left, right and centre,” said the Delhi High Court in a damning verdict on the Arvind Kejriwal-government in the Delhi. 

A report filtered in this morning that Delhi High Court had requested for an exclusive Covid Centre for its judges, staff and their families which the Delhi government had promptly acceded to and that a 100-bed Covid Centre would come up in the five-star Ashoka Hotel in the next few days. 

Stating that the Delhi government’s order to create a Covid Centre in Ashoka Hotel for them was “wrong”, the Delhi High Court said: "When did we ask for a 100-bed facility at a five-star hotel? We had only said if a judicial officer or a judge or their family is infected, they should get hospital admission.”

”Why did you cause this sort of a controversy? It is as if we asked Delhi Government for this facility. Or you did it to please us. You did everything on paper," said the judges, apparently upset at questions raised over luxury Covid facilities set aside for them at a time people are struggling for hospital beds.

It was the media that had created the perception, the Delhi government feebly said.

A few of the observations by the Delhi High Court on Kejriwal-government are equally damning: 

  • “Our confidence in you is shaken”;
  • "You set your house in order. If you can't manage, tell us. We will ask Central government to take over” (NewsBred had opined the same this morning) ;
  • (On passing impractical orders): "Don't be unreasonable. You can't win this war by issuing (such directions) sitting in your office, you are only compounding your problems”;
  • “You're living in a different world, out of sync. How hospitals are dealing with it. Why do you pass these orders”;
  • “It seems all you’re doing is distribution of lollipops. There is a major problem on your end”; 
  • “This oxygen cylinder business is a complete mess. The Delhi Govt has to put its house in order! The hospitals are not getting the cylinders. People are having to buy it in the black market. Something needs to be done!”;
  • Delhi government is supporting black marketing: Court points out that the supplier to Agrasen Hospital is not listed in Delhi government order that means maybe he is black marketing everything. “Seth (Air) appears to be a rather big supplier. He holds 20MT and he's not part of your order? There appears to be something fishy.”


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