“Tukde-tukde gang” and its plan that you don’t know about

7th January 2020

7th January 2020

How “tukde-tukde gang” would wish students of this country forget studies or a beckoning career and instead wield sticks and stones, make front page news and bring the Modi government to its knees.

Most of it is going to a plan as students are front-page news and the ruling dispensation, to the dismay of the majority, seems paralyzed, giving the devils a free run.

The logical corollary of Western media blowing up the Lutyens Media’s narrative is also chugging along nicely. It would all come to a neat summation if the West decides to intervene by way of economic sanctions against India for “human rights” violations or on some silly pretext, even mull a military intervention.

Alas, West needs India so badly against China that they would hate to destabilize it like they did with/in countless countries, most recent being Venezuela, Bolivia and Hong Kong. If India goes, West is as good as out of Asia. West would have written its’ own death sentence.

Yet there is every reason for the “tukde-tukde gang” to be happy about the position they are in. All they need is to keep stoking the fire till winter thaws in Kashmir Valley, rocks are visible and Dal Lake is swimming. Once Kashmir hits the streets with its “peaceful” protests, Lutyens Media would have got the script it wants.

Things would succeed wildly for them if the sleeping giant majority comes out of its slumber and retaliates, meets stones with stones and sticks with sticks, and blood flows into classrooms. It won’t then be a problem to put Hindus against Muslims outside the campus on the streets. Heads would roll. Not for nothing we call these merchants of deaths as the “tukde-tukde gang.”

Alas, more dreams turn into nightmare than transform into reality. India is a land of 789 universities and around 30 million college-going students. One JNU, Jamia, Jadavpur or AMU isn’t enough. It’s alright that pathetic politicians would release their miserable lackeys who would burn up cars, buses and trains and send a few policemen into ICU. Or Lutyens Media would’ve orgasm better than even those who manage to get hold of 72 virgins. But materially it would change little on the ground. It would even get better: Modi could sit in his drawing room and not strain his vocal chords on a barren dusty field and yet BJP would’ve the numbers it wants.

But if you are BJP, you won’t be sitting idle. You know for sure that the “tukde-tukde gang” would now resort not on parliament, judiciary or the Constitution but on these devils of anarchy to engulf the nation in fire and keep them in relevance. Trust BJP to go on a relentless communication overdrive, 24x7, four seasons in a year—year after year. At some stage, they would identify and isolate the troublemakers and make them pay for their sins. Police, or even paramilitary force could be used to overcome the resistance of opposition-ruled states. Governance can’t bow down to anarchy. It must not. A handful can’t keep a nation of 1.3 billion to ransom.

It’s unfair to be fair to unfairs. BJP ought to have dismissed Mamata Banerjee or Pinaryi Vijayan governments long ago in Bengal and Kerala. It has encouraged the radical elements around the country. It should also have no hesitation in probing the fundings of Lutyens Media which is dubious to say the least. The firm fist needs to drop the velvet gloves. Though “tukde-tukde gang” is digging up its own grave, BJP must not let them have a quiet burial.

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