“Turbanator” muses on which Bollywood star could play him in a biopic

2nd April 2021

2nd April 2021

There's no denying that biopics are a rage in Hindi cinema these days and India's former off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has now opened up on who he thinks should play him onscreen in a biopic. The  cricketer will be donning Kolkata Knight Riders’ purple and gold jersey this year after skipping the last season for Chennai Super Kings in the UAE.

The franchise conducted a special question answer session with Harbhajan who is currently serving his quarantine period. During the interaction, when asked which Bollywood actor he would like to see playing his character if there will be his biopic, Harbhajan, “The Turbanator” to his fans,  revealed that the actor he thinks could best play him onscreen is either Ranveer Singh or Vicky Kaushal.

"If there was a film made based on my story then I think either Vicky Kaushal or Ranveer Singh should play. Both these boys look like me and also have a good height and physic. Therefore they will be able to play my role very well, especially Vicky Kaushal as he is also a Punjabi guy so I think he will do it correctly."

He also shared another incident during the session where he recalled how people misunderstood him as famous singer Honey Singh.

"Many people have said this to me, once in Starbucks they wrote Honey on my coffee, I was wearing a cap and a long coat then and they thought Honey Singh had come. Later, when I asked them whose coffee is this, they said it was mine, again I asked why Honey is written on this, they said it is for you and then I replied, I am Harbhajan."

Kolkata Knight Riders will be starting their campaign on April 11 with a game against David Warner-led Hyderabad side in Chennai.


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