Aakar Patel gets abusive on judges of Supreme Court

10th January 2021

10th January 2021

Aakar Patel, once the head of Amnesty International India, has gone into an unprovoked rant against the Supreme Court of India. 

Taking to his Twitter handle, which has been temporarily suspended earlier also when he tried to provoke Muslims and Dalits, he compared the judges of the Supreme Court with the eunuch, remarking that they are not manly enough to take a stand. 

 In a direct attack on former chief justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi, referring to his sexual harassment case, Patel wrote, “Eunuch judges of Supreme Court of Hindu Rashtra let sexual harasser Chief Justice appear in a case where he was himself accused. And we must genuflect to it as if it were some oracle of Delhi.”

However, when called out for his choice of word, he was quick to delete the tweet and later replaced the word eunuch with haramzada. “Am deleting this tweet to remove the word eunuch and replacing it with haramzada. My apologies for using eunuch”, he wrote. 

Attacking further he claimed, “Wonder if our children will be taught that Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi-who sent thousands to torture in Assam-sat in judgment in his own case. That the SC of Hindu Rashtra dismissed it.” Patel further accused Gogoi of leveraging his position to get a Rajya Sabha ticket, suggesting that he had been close to the current political dispensation at the Centre.

Meanwhile, the in-house committee of the apex court that includes veteran judges like SA Bobde, Indu Malhotra, and Indira Banerjee, submitted a report last year which stated that the committee has found no substance in allegations leveled by a former female employee against Ranjan Gogoi. 

 But Aakar Patel didn’t miss any chance to attack Gogoi. In another tweet, he said, “It is the Judiciary that has power over their executive’s overreach. The fact that it has been pusillanimous (devoid of courage) and cowardly under Modi is a choice. Especially the Supreme Court of Hindu Rashtra.”

Earlier also two FIRs have been filed against Patel for his tweets. A Bengaluru police officer in early June alleged Patel was seeking to incite “US-like protests” in India with his tweet supporting the Black Lives Matter protest, and filed an FIR for causing “fear or alarm” that may induce a person to commit an offense against the State and “provocation with intent to cause a riot”.



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