AAP’s Tahir Hussain confesses he had masterminded the Delhi riots

3rd August 2020

3rd August 2020

Tahir Hussain in police custody

It was just a rumour in February 2020 that the Delhi riots were the brainchild of Tahir Hussain, Councillor at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but Delhi police have confirmed that it's not just a rumour anymore.

In his recent statement during the interrogation by Delhi Police, Tahir has admitted that the Delhi Riots that destroyed public properties, 53 deaths, injuries to more than 200 people, forced many to leave their neighbourhoods were started by him.

In his statement, Tahir has also admitted that this was not an overnight plan, he had been planning to use his money and political position to teach a lesson to Hindus since 2017 when he joined AAP as a councillor. And his plan was supported by Popular Front of India (PFI) and Khalid Saifi, associated with United Against Hint (UAH), a thinly veined group with hatred against the Hindus.

Hussain has also added, that Khalid Saifi not only supported him but also planned the riots alongside him. When the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed by the Indian government as also Ram Lalla Virajman got Supreme Court's decision in in his favour, Tahir and Saifi knew it's the right time to execute their plans, as per police.

The PFI office became their plan's headquartesr when Saifi introduced JNU's ex-student, Umar Khalid in Shaheen Bagh. They were also helped by PFI's member, Danish who funded this Anti-Hindu riots. Tahir has confessed that it was Khalid Saifi who took the sole responsibility of provoking people to such a level that they came out on the streets in agitation and all this was done to force the central government to take its decision of CAA back.

Delhi Police has also reported that Umar and Tahir used Tahir's house to stock the large quantities of petrol, diesel, acids, bricks, and stones. To carry all the harmful liquid substances, Tahir took the help of scrap dealers in collection empty cold drink and liquor bottles. Umar wanted to use all these weapons during the US President, Donald Trump's visit to India. Tahir Hussain had also planned to use his licensed pistol during the riots and to do that, he collected it from the police as that was deposited with them.

After recording all the statements of Tahir Hussain, Delhi Police has prepared a charge sheet on FIR 114 which states that Tahir was the mastermind behind Delhi riots. He and his accomplices played a major role in the destruction of public properties in Khajuri Khas area.  Tahir is also responsible for the deaths of many innocent lives and the fire on the Sherpur Chowk on February 24 and 25 which gutted several shops.

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