Abusive woman, and her husband, are nabbed by Delhi Police: Video is viral

19th April 2021

19th April 2021

The couple, whose video is getting viral on social media platforms for misbehaving with police officials when they were stopped for following curfew guidelines in central Delhi's Daryaganj, were arrested by Delhi police. 

The couple -- identified as Pankaj and Abha, residents of Patel Nagar -- neither had a curfew pass nor face masks. When stopped by the police, the woman started shouting at the personnel from the car and even said she would kiss her husband.

The woman abused the cops, called them “beggars” for issuing challan and told them that there was no such thing as coronavirus and that people were being harassed for no reason.

Her husband Pankaj Dutta also reprimands the police for stopping his car. “Why did you stop my car? I was inside my car with my wife,” the man told the policemen. When the cop asks them the reason for not wearing masks, he shouts “apni gaadi mein kaisa mask?”

However, after the case was registered by Delhi police against them, the husband shifted the entire blame on his wife and said that he had been asking his wife to wear a mask but she refused to wear one and even stopped him. 

"What she did was wrong. I had been telling her for long that we should wear our masks, but she refused to wear one and even did not let me wear a mask," said Pankaj.

He added that his wife “instigated him” and the couple even picked up a fight when he pleaded her to wear a mask at the red light.

 He said he always wears a mask when he is not with his wife and also appealed everyone to follow the guidelines.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Delhi Police registered 569 FIRs and 2,369 challans for Covid-rule violations during the lockdown. 323 people were also arrested during the same period.


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