Biden booed and abused as he showed up for 9/11 event in New York

12th September 2021

12th September 2021

The United States president Joe Biden was booed and abused by people as he paid visit to ground zero of 9/11 event in New York on Saturday. 

Biden was heckled for his handling of the Afghanistan which now has been taken over by the Taliban and sorry images of its nationals, mostly women, are being splashed across global media. 

As Biden approached a 90-year-old Maria Fisher, who lost her son in the 9/11 attacks, the people gathered hurled abuses at the US president. 

“The murderers… Look the murderers! Boo…boo…boo…You are a mutt for what you did to Afghanistan…Terrible, terrible” a man was heard yelling at the US President during the memorial event. Joe Biden tried to not look embarrassed but the heckling was too prominent to leave him in any comfort. 

Biden did show up at all the memorial sites but he didn’t speak and a twitterati described the moment thus: “Didn’t speak at any 9/11 ceremonies because he knew he’d be boo’ed…just like he was when he showed up for his shameless PhotoOp. 

The United States withdrew from Afghanistan last month and Biden claimed that the US’ mission in the mountainous country was never to build a nation but to ensure that it never becomes the headquarters of future terrorist attacks on the United States. 


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