China’s “donations” are a body-blow to Sonia’s Congress; embarrasses India

25th June 2020

25th June 2020

Indian national congress president Sonia Gandhi would’ve a lot to explain to the nation in light of the disclosures about Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) accepting donations in the past from the Chinese embassy in India.

In a sensational disclosure which is bound to take the country by storm, the annual report of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is in public domain which shows that it received a donation from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in 2005-2006. It is listed in the report among the list of general donors.

Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the RGF and its board has among others former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and P. Chidambaram

In a series of tweets, Amit Malviya, head of BJP IT Cell, has made some startling disclosures:

Malviya points out that the 2006-2007 returns of Rajiv Gandh Foundation show a Rs 90 lakh donation from the Chinese Embassy.

Further, that not just the Chinese embassy but even the government of People’s Republic of China has donated to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

A direct corollary is being drawn since the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation not in one but in several studies later termed it desirable and required to have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China.

These studies by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation make a direct case for FTA with China by arguing:

That India needs the FTA much more than China and should pursue it as part of its efforts to improve bilateral relations.

This despite the admission that China was already benefitting much more than India from the imbalanced trade.

The trade deficit between India and China subsequently jumped 33 times between 2003-2004 and 2013-2014. From $11.8 billion in 2003-2004, it jumped to $36.2 billion in 2013-2014 in China’s favour under the UPA government.

As per Malviya, on the other hand, under NDA, India has made significant progress in reducing the trade deficit (23% reduction from $53.1 billion in 2017-2018 to $48.7 bn in 2019-2020.

It would be difficult for India’s people to believe that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Congress and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2008 was not an outcome of “donations” to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation unless the Congress party comes out clean on the matter quickly and douse the fire.

Congress could hurt itself in the gut if it fails to come clean on the MoU or put its content in the public domain. It remains India’s main opposition party with alliances in several states.

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