Compared to what Trump ever said, Biden’s are fit case for impeachment

10th September 2021

10th September 2021

The United States president Joe Biden is being called a “dictator” and a “tyrant” after he threatened to remove democratically elected Governors due to burgeoning Covid-19 crisis. 

As numbers shoot up, Biden first admonished Americans who haven’t yet taken the vaccine and announced mandates which would impact as many as 100 million citizens. On another note, he said that if Governors do not help him “beat the pandemic”, then he would use his presidential powers to get them “out of the way.”

People were outraged on social media. One tweeted that it’s the most “dictator” thing any President has ever said. 

Another one commented “imagine, voting for this guy.”

A lot of people also drew attention to the fact that Donald Trump was labeled a dictator and yet, he had never threatened to remove elected governors like Joe Biden has.


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