Congress denies, ISF confirms the two are partners in Bengal polls

3rd April 2021

3rd April 2021

Abbas Siddiqui

Congress had egg on its face when its’ “partner”, Indian Secular Front (ISF) refuted their assertion that the two parties are not fighting the ongoing West Bengal assembly elections together. 

“Congress denies having an alliance with us but we don’t think that. We want Sanjukta Morcha to form the government and Congress workers to do better as they are struggling too. If their leadership thinks differently, what can we do,” said the ISF chief Abbas Siddiqui to ANI. 

Asserting that it’s Congress which should explain its stance, the ISF chief was quoted by RepublicWorld: “At some places, the results of “Samyukta Morcha” (Congress-Left-ISF) is good while at some places other parties are doing well. This is what we are hearing. But I want every voter to vote for their favourite candidate.”

Siddiqui said that some Congress party leaders have called ISF communal. 

As per reports, Left is contesting 165 seats, Congress 92 and ISF 37 seats. Their best bet is if there is a fractured mandate and they could play the kingmakers. 

The third phase of Bengal elections would be on April 6 for 31 seats. 

The results are out on May 2. 


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