Delhi HC slams Kejri: You have money for ads but not for salary to sanitation workers?

5th April 2021

5th April 2021

The Delhi High Court slammed the Delhi government on its spend on advertising while the salary of sanitation employees of the city's municipal bodies remain pending. 

'We can see how the government advertises full pages in newspapers with pictures of politicians. On the other hand, the salary of employees is not even given.”

While the Kejriwal government cited financial constraints as an excuse for non-transfer of funds to the corporations, the Delhi High Court explicitly questioned the government, 'Isn't it a crime that even in such a difficult time, you are spending money on advertising? If you give salary to these employees at the appointed time, then you can have more name.”

Giving stern warning to the AAP government, the High court asked the government to clear all the dues at the earliest and has also  ordered to pay full salary till March to all sanitary workers today itself.

As per the records, the Delhi government has to disburse Rs 864.8 crore to EDMC, Rs 405.2 crore to SDMC and Rs 764.8 crore to North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

The AAP government has been pulled previously as well for misusing funds for false and misleading advertising and unnecessary glorification of the organization.

Apart from that, the AAP government recently was also accused of making false claims regarding the development in the state. 

Kejriwal had claimed that 23 flyovers had been built by his government during 2015-2019 and also promised to increase hospital beds. No new hospital or flyover was constructed between 2015-2019 as revealed in an RTI reply. 


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