Delhi riots: Mastermind Tahir Hussain now being grilled for his funding

18th August 2020

18th August 2020

Tahir Hussain, former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, in police custody, is now on the radar of Enforcement Directorate (ED) which has filed a case against him under the Money Laundering Act and began questioning him on his funding sources for his alleged role in the Delhi Riots of February 2020.

This action of ED came in response to Tahir's recent confession of being the mastermind behind the riots.

As per Times Now reports, an investigation has been started to find whether Nizamuddin Markaz was involved in the Delhi riots or not.

According to the ED sources, Rs. 1.02 crores were transferred to the protesting groups of Delhi riots between December 2019 and February 2020 via shell companies by Tahir Hussain.

ED approached the court after raiding all Tahir's properties including his residence and requested to have a warrant issued against him. Not only AAP's former councillor but also Faizal Farooq, an accused of Delhi riots, is also under the radar of ED. As per the investigation of ED, Faizal is suspected of financing the Delhi riots of February 2020

Delhi riots had happened in Delhi on February 24 and 25, in which 59 persons were killed and over 100 injured. Several policemen suffered serious injuries. Public properties were torched.

And all of this happened with a long-term plan. In his recent confession to the Delhi police, Tahir admitted that the Delhi riots were his brainchild and he had been planning to use his money and political power to teach Hindus a lesson since 2017 when he joined AAP as a councillor. Popular Front of India (PFI) allegedly helped in the execution of his plan.

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