Kangana reveals how she praised fellow actresses and how they responded

2nd April 2021

2nd April 2021

Actress Kangana Ranaut today took to twitter to dispel the notion that she is always caustic on fellow female actors and never has a good word to say about them. 

Ranaut took out a collection of her comments in the past where she is seen praising actresses like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor. The fiery actress then said that her good gestures were never reciprocated by these very heroines. 

“There is not a single actress in this industry who I have not supported or praised here is the proof, but none of them ever showed any support or praise for me, have you ever thought why? Why they gang up on me? Why this conspiracy to look through me and my work? Think hard, Slightly smiling face," she wrote. 

The video showed Kangana after movie screenings and in interviews, where she is openly seen lauding the performance of Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met and called it a 'benchmark for female actors', calling Alia a 'queen', and refusing to accept that Taapsee is her 'sasti copy', a tag that she is prone to use these days. 

In another tweet, Kangana claimed that she used to visit every screening when invited to by these actresses. In return, Kangana revealed, her gesture was never returned when she invited them for screening. 

"As you can see how comfortably I go for their movie previews when they invite by calling and messaging me directly, they send flowers and pamper me to the sky and when I call them for my previews they don’t even take my calls now I bajao them every day cause that’s what they deserve," she added.

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