Kapil Mishra’s call for “Clean Temple, Clean Nation” draws immense response

4th April 2021

4th April 2021

BJP leader Kapil Mishra formed Hindu Ecosystem, an initiative run by volunteers, which gave call for its “first ground action” of “Clean Temple, Clean Nation” today. 

By evening, temples all over the country were being cleaned by volunteers. Twitter handles from around the country began pouring in pictures of clean-temples drive. 

The day had begun with a video message which Kapil Mishra had posted on social media platforms. It said: “The first ground action under ecosystem is Clean Temple Clean Nation under which members of Hindu Ecosystem will go to a nearby temple on the first Sunday of every month and provide service to clean it. It will be a mandatory ground action for every member of the Hindu Ecosystem to take part in the initiative.”

The twitter handle of Hindu Ecosystem (@HinduEcosystem_) had details of such an appeal yielding result from all over the country. There were some individuals too who had responded to the appeal of Mishra. 





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