Kapil raises Rs 50 lakhs for lynched Rinku: Kejri accused of neglect

14th February 2021

14th February 2021

(From L-R): Rinku Sharma, Kapil Mishra and Vaishali Poddar

All opposition parties have not spoken anything about the 26-year-old Rinku Sharma, who was stabbed to death by a mob of 25-30 Muslims on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, BJP leaders Kapil Mishra and Vaishali Poddar have come forward to help the family of the deceased. They campaigned on social media and have collected around Rs 50 lakh in 24 hours. 

The crowdkash website, through which the fund is being raised, shows that Rs.63,68,977 has been raised till now. More than 6000 contributors have made donations for the cause so far, with contributions ranging from ₹1 to ₹1,00,000. The goal of the campaign is to raise ₹1 crore in 30 days.

In a tweet, Kapil Mishra stated, “Friends, we will raise about ₹50 lacs within 24 hours. People from across the world have come forward to help the family of Rinku Sharma. Delhi CM has not even spoken a word, despite the brutal murder of Delhi’s son. He is too scared to speak, fearing his vote bank might shrink. We are not even asking for government help but is Arvind Kejriwal the CM of any particular community?”

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal categorically refused to meet the Rinku’s family. While talking to one of the media portals, Rinku Sharma’s brother Manu Sharma informed that he along with three other people had gone to meet Kejriwal but the police on duty denied them entry. He also added that while they were refused to allow, there were other people also who went and presented their grievances. 

The police told them that holding protests is not allowed at that place, and they will be taken into custody if they don’t leave. 

However, the CM office administration has denied the allegations. 


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