Karnataka: Lambs are defending wolf’s gospel

20th July 2019

20th July 2019

Could you believe this set of incorrigible people? I mean the Congress-JD(S) set who are taking the nation for a ride?

They are butchering the democracy and everybody seems helpless, be it BJP at the Centre, Supreme Court or the honourable Governor.

It’s been over 10 days since “rebels” decided to unhinge themselves from the band of rogues but their resignations are still unanswered. They are nothing better than bonded labour to their parties, devoid of free will or control on their lives.

Don’t believe a word about “poaching” in motion; or the argument that "resigning" MLAs won on a Congress or JD(S) ticket and can't betray people by shifting to any other party. These candidates fought assembly elections against each other and are now inside the sheets without a shred of shame. People didn’t see them as partners before the assembly elections, and they haven’t since as made evident in Lok Sabha polls. The alliance was never the people’s choice. So why carry on the deception?

Yet, the shameless won’t stop gorging on the goodies as long as they could. Scorn the people; molest democracy and care a fig about governance.

Ramesh Kumar, with the profile of a ripe pumpkin, doesn’t find resignations in order. I mean what could be the order in words: I Resign. What format it needs but an authentic signature? It takes 20 minutes to verify the signature of 20 individuals. Afterall this very Speaker accepted resignation of one Ramalingam Reddy in two minutes. Only now we know that our Speaker was a John Wayne hidden in plain sight amongst us: Shooting from the hip in the Wild West that we call India. There is no sheriff in the county.

It’s alright for BJP to act coy and eye the pie yet all this while pretending to be disinterested. But isn’t there any concern for the office of a Constitutional authority like the Governor? Isn’t it his job to ensure the governance of his state is unhindered? Has the Centre asked for his report? Isn’t it within Governor’s ambit to dismiss a rogue government and impose President’s Rule?

What’s the rush, is the refrain of the Congress-JD(S) faction. Why delay, is the common bewilderment of millions. Is it helping democracy or six and a-half crore people of the state? Is this the way the taxpayers’ money is being spent on the altar of greed of a few? For over a year we have been witness to everyday rebellion within the alliance, Kumaraswamy whipping up tears in his eyes and en masse resignations of state ministers mooted.

Not for a day the Congress-JD(S) has governed without a tremor. Both are incompatible, joined only at the hips by the irresistible charm of power, if not corruption. Not a thought has been spared for the nation, democracy or people. Every power which could bring them to book has been mocked at and ignored. We are no better than lambs who are defending the wolf’s gospel.


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