Lawyers, NGOs and the crooked use of PILs

27th April 2019

27th April 2019

The crooked game of PILs: (Illustration courtesy Democratic Buzzer)

(Vibhor Anand is a young Supreme Court lawyer who is stirring up twitter with his bold threads, turning the searchlight on judiciary itself which he believes needs a massive clean-up. His latest thread is reproduced here for our readers).

I had affirmed on Thursday that “fixing” indeed is a reality in our courts, and not just the Supreme Court, and pointed out how law firms employ family/relatives of judges who in turn act as a conduit in pushing the agenda of dishonest parties, mostly corporate and dodgy lawyers.

Today, I shall disclose how Public Interest Litigations (PIL) are being used by foreign-funded NGOs to destabilize our country and leads to rampant extortion rackets run through court proceedings. I know by doing this I could put my life at risk but the truth is worth all the trouble.

History of PIL: The concept of PIL was conceived by legendary Justice Krishna Iyer and Justice Bhagwati in the late 1970s with the sole intention of helping the people who could not approach the courts directly.

In view of the same, NGOs, lawyers, journalists and individual public spirited persons were allowed to approach the SC and the HC under PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION and raise issues related to public importance.

Today after more than 40 years, PIL's have become one of the most money- making litigation in the country which is run by top foreign-funded NGOs in nexus with some elite lawyers lobby in the Supreme Court who use it to propagate own agenda.

How PIL's are misused??? Hundreds of PIL's are filed across the country every day, but if you closely observe prominent PIL's highlighted by the media, you will be shocked to know that top corporate houses would be directly affected by the same.

The petitioner would be either a foreign-funded NGO or well known public interest crusader who will highlight high public interest behind the PIL but in reality the main target of the petition would always be some corporate houses who are working on government projects.

During the course of the hearing top senior advocates/law firms are hired by the corporate houses to represent them and this kick-starts the process of corporate fixing exposed by me yesterday. This is the biggest nexus between corporate houses and NGOs, eroding the sanctity of our courts.

I came across one such case a few years back which helped me understand how this nexus worked. I suspect Prashant Bhushan could be moved to file a defamation case against me but so be it.

A man from Keonjhar, Orissa had travelled to Delhi after collecting all the evidence of health hazards caused by extensive iron ore mining in the area. He approached the NGO run by Prashant Bhushan with a hope to file a PIL so that people of the area could be benefitted.

He handed over all the documents to Bhushan's NGO, the people of NGO assured him that the PIL would be filed in his name. A few days later Bhushan's NGO filed a PIL with itself as the petitioner and Bhushan as it's lawyer in SC!!!

The SC stayed all the mining activities in the entire area which directly affected more than 50 top iron ore mining companies. During the course of the hearing, top senior advocates and law firms were hired by these companies. More than 100 lawyers appeared at one time.

After a few months suddenly one day the Supreme Court vacated the stay on all the mining activities in the area and business started as usual. Prashant Bhushan remained silent for reasons best known to him.

I had met that man who had collected all the evidence of health hazards due to mining. He later returned to Orissa dejected, betrayed and humiliated by these so-called public interest crusaders and I never heard from him again.

So this is how PIL's are being misused by foreign-funded NGOs to promote self-driven agendas and further destabilize the development of our country with the help of corrupt lawyers.

There are many more things which I would love to share with everyone in the coming days. The people of the country deserve to know the truth about how rotten our judicial system has become. Please share your thoughts, the support of you all is my strength.

Jai Hind.

(Vibhor Anand also runs Legal Advice Services where legal experts offer help for free to anyone seeking guidance. The helpline numbers are: 9871499769/9871172769/9871130769).

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