Mamata, this is one Bengal’s Daughter who is farthest from your mind

19th March 2021

19th March 2021

Chandana Bauri

Why we don’t hear such joyous news from other parties? I mean I straightaway headed for more on Chandana Bauri and Saltora seat of Bankura district in West Bengal after I woke up to this news of a daily labour’s wife chosen by BJP for assembly polls. Assets as bare as the clothes on her but a smile so radiant that it could make Antilia-dwellers go green with envy, Chandana today has a room and a toilet thanks to PM Awas Yojana. She is barely 30 but already has put in some hard yards for her party. She is Bengal’s Daughter, farthest from its chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s mind. 

What’s the narrative being pinned by the “outsiders” here? By those you call “Adani-Ambani Sarkar”? By those you smear with jibes of walking on Defectors’ crutches? By those you prefer calling “Besharam Aadmi” for women disempowerment? How do you think a Nusrat Jahan or a Mimi Chakraborty contrast with Chandana Bauri in popular perception? Or your largesse to poor and jobless on the manifesto pamphlet when such faceless don’t register in your mind? 

Only when you throw up your hands on shameless bunch we call politicians, who would wriggle in bed with anyone if the price is right, Congress-Left-Shiv Sena-TMC-Islamist clerics you name them, prostituting “secular”, “democracy” and “Constitution” without batting an eyelid, who’ve never spoken a truth in life, who entrench pimps, smugglers, goons, crooks, scoundrels, racketeers, swindlers, fraudsters, rascals, charlatans, hustlers, thugs etc in power corridors, you hear such delightful news from the corridors of BJP.  So if you are stuck on Mukul Roy  and his Trinamool past, remember a Swapan Dasgupta, Ashok Lahiri, Rantidev Sengupta, Gobardhan Das  etc who are the finest of men you would ever come across. If they criticise the Government of India, as Gobardhan often does, it’s not held against him. That he is rated India’s greatest living immunologist is good enough. 

It would do us citizens no harm to know that Ashok Lahiri is one of the finest economist India has produced, that he too has been the thinking head of an IMF or ADB etc but hardly mentioned in the same breath as a Manmohan Singh or Raghuram Rajan by worshippers of devil that LootYens Media is. Or a Swapan Dasgupta who I watched as a junior in Times of India, inscrutable yet a scholar in every living cell of his self, as it were. These men are unlikely to be wheel-chairing to rob you of your vote. 

I ask you to watch the candidates list every time an election beckons in India. You are bound to find a Sreedharan or a Pratap Sarangi in the BJP’s list. Such man could be living in a thatched hut (Sarangi’s image below), could be your Minister of State (Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, MSME) but you would never come to know about by the propagandist media. But they exist. And are in public space. And they are there because of personal integrity or professional excellence or both. They are not careerist politicians. These guys make our civil life so much more alive and breathing. Not those who pose in front of press with placards and a quote from Babasaheb Ambedkar. Who we rush to take autographs of but are only fit to be given a one-leg watery salute that canines do to parked cars. 

This is the “Paribortan” people would prefer. Not the one Mamata shouts in rallies with her brigade of sycophants. Not those quiz-masters who frankly you should be ashamed of for representing you to EC with the charade of “conspiracy” in Nandigram. Before you preen at your coverage in LootYens Media or closer home in The Telegraph, be sorry that these shameless never ask you about the lies which are now daily staple. Redeem before the next dustbin accepts one more discard of political kind. 

As for BJP, it wins your heart every time you think you’ve already given enough to them. They remind you a daily wage-earner has as good a chance as a “chaiwallah” to be reckoned in time as  India’s greatest ever prime minister. This country has been a hostage to those with the badge of “poor” on chest; a sherwani in iftar, a glycerine for Dalit in eye. But they have deprived India of its destiny. Please join hands and get rid of them.


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