Modi: Those who manipulated history are being undone by today’s India

16th February 2021

16th February 2021

An icon of Indian history who didn’t get his due, King Suheldev, was today lauded by prime minister Narendra Modi in a virtual foundation-stone laying ceremony of his memorial in Bahraich. 

“I salute this holy land of Bahraich, the birthplace of Rashtriya Nayaka Maharaja Suheldev and the sages who meditated with their might, paid homage to the motherland,” PM Modi said.

King Suheldev is known for defeating and killing the Ghaznavid general Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud in a battle on the banks of the Chittaura lake in Bahraich in 1033 and halting the relentless march of the ruthless Muslim armies. 

Speaking on the occasion, Modi remarked there’s more to history of this land than what has been written by those who enslaved us. 

“History of India is not just what was written by those who enslaved this country and those with a slave mentality. India’s history is that too which the common people of India have kept alive in the folktales of India for generations,” said PM Modi. 

“Today when India is entering the 75th year of independence, there can be no bigger an occasion to remember & take inspiration from the contribution of such great men (Maharaja Suheldev), their sacrifice, struggle, valour & martyrdom.”

Modi bemoaned the gross perversion of the history. He said its misfortune that those who dedicated their lives to protect India didn’t get their recognition. Tellingly, he said the injustice and manipulation done by the writers and creators of history is being undone by today’s India. 

The prime minister also inaugurated a medical college building named after Maharaja Suheldev in Bahraich. He also unveiled beautification projects of Shravasti, Chittaura Lake and Bahraich on the occasion.

“This modern and grand monument, the development of the historic Chittaura Lake, will enhance the blessings of Maharaja Suheldev on Bahraich and inspire generations to come,” the prime minister said.

Modi also lauded Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He said: “The way the contagion was tamed in Uttar Pradesh is remarkable. Imagine how things would have been done at the national, international level if the situation in UP had worsened. But Yogi ji and his entire team managed to control the outbreak in the best possible manner,”


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