Over 95 percent of Indian Army personnel have received first Vaccine shot

20th April 2021

20th April 2021

Over 95 per cent of Indian army personnel have received their first shot of Covid-19 vaccination. As many as 55 per cent have been fully vaccinated against the virus, reports India Today. 

"Over 95 per cent of the force has got the first dose and more than 55 per cent have received the second one. So, there has been no shortage of the vaccine and maximum numbers are being achieved in the shortest time possible", an Army official has been quoted as saying.

The high vaccination rate comes despite challenges like lack of availability of army personnel due to leaves or other reasons.

Amid the rising cases, the army is also following strict protocols like enforcing a negative covid report or a 14 day quarantine before troops are allowed to board a service aircraft. Army has also reduced physical attendance in offices and is adopting video-conferencing for meetings.

As announced in the Lok Sabha in march, 32,000 Indian Army personnel have been affected by Covid-19 out of which 0.24 per cent cases have turned fatal.



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