Pegasus: Who funds The Wire, The Scroll, NewsLaundry etc?—Sensational claims

24th July 2021

24th July 2021

Some of the digital media houses behind “Digipub”, challenging new IT rules

An investigative independent voice on Social Media, Vijay Patel (@vijaygajera on twitter) has made an elaborate exposure on the alleged link between a few digital media houses in India who are funded from abroad to weaken India. 

The two threads (here and here) names digital news websites such as The Wire, The Scroll, NewsClick, NewsLaundry, The News Minute, The Quint etc and a few NGOs, including one of links with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who allegedly are funded from the same sources.

The source of fund nearly always allegedly emanates from George Soros, an old friend of Nehru family and a sworn enemy of Narendra Modi through his Open Society Foundations (OSF); and Omidyar Network which funds media ventures, (The Scroll and Newslaundry among others) and is owned by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. 

Since the Pegasus Project is in the news—like Panama Papers once were, a handiwork of these very forces—let’s take a look at this latest propaganda bubble and who are allegedly behind them. 

Two NGOs—Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories—are the ones who leaked a list of thousands of phone numbers which they claim were being spied upon by the respective governments through the Pegasus spyware of NSO Group. 

Now Forbidden Stories was launched in the United States in 2017. They collaborate with other NGO—Reporters Without Borders—funded by Open Society Foundation (OFS) of George Soros and Omidyar Network (Luminate). 

Similarly, Amnesty International also gets funds from OFS and Omidyar. 

It’s important to remember that these two also receive funds from the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Foundation who in turn, as classified documents have revealed, are funded by the CIA, notorious for bringing down governments around the world. 

Now let’s look specifically at the digital news media in India, as alleged by Vijay Patel. 

The Wire: It has collaboration with Soros and Omidyar-funded Forbidden Stories;

The Scroll: Gets direct fund from Omidyar Group and indirectly from Soros and Omidyar via another NGO MDIF (Media Development Investment Fund). MDIF in turn is funded by Soros and Omidyar Network;

The News Minute: Funded by MDIF (or an arm of Soros and Omidyar);

(The owner of News Minute, Ritu Kapur, is also the c0-owner of the Quint along with her husband Raghav Bahal. The Quint has a tie-up with US’ Bloomberg, owned by US politician Michael Bloomberg). 

Boom Live: Funded by MDIF (or by Soros and Omidyar); 

Newslaundry: They get direct investment from Omidyar;

Now here it gets interesting. Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri was once founder of an NGO, Delhi-based PCRF (Public Cause Research Foundation) in which Kejriwal and the present deputy chief minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia were allegedly partners. 

(Arvind Kejriwal and Newslaundry's Abhinandan Sekhri)

PCRF was funded by Kejriwal’s price money of Magsaysay Award, the award which is created and funded by the same Rockefeller brothers fund which also funds Amnesty. 

In 2005 and 2008, another NGO of Kejriwal and Sisodia, “Kabir”, had received funds from the Ford Foundation. 

In 2994, there was an NGO, “FDL-AP”. This NGO’s primary goal was “Free Kashmir”—again funded by Soros. Patel claims that Congress party’s interim chief Sonia Gandhi was co-president of this NGO. 

Someone like NewsClick too, recently in news due to ED raids, had received huge funds from the US-based companies. 

Most of these Indian digital media houses have made an organization, Digipub. It’s chairperson is Dhanya Rajendra of The News Minute. Prabir Purkayastha of NewsClick is vice-chairperson and general secretaries are Ritu Kapur of The Quint and Sekhri of NewsLaundry. 

Now Digipub is opposing the new IT rule. 

This alleged project, on the face of it, is much like Mockingbird one of CIA.

Project Mockingbird was allegedly the CIA’s propaganda arm in which they had hired more than 400 journalists, news agencies and opinion writers during the cold war. All major US media houses—Washington Post, Time Magazine, The New York Times etc—allegedly were involved in this project.

(Recently the New York Times wanted to hire anti-India journalists—to spread propaganda pieces at the behest of CIA). 

What’s the goal of this nexus? Apparently, Modi government has restricted their exploitation of India through globalist agenda which faces an existential threat from Atmanirbhar Bharat; and the middlemen, such as in defence deals, are no longer making those hefty deals. 

That’s why they are hell-bent in removing Modi, says Patel, so they could loot India again: They just want unrest in the country. 

Incidentally, Soros’ OFS and MDIF are banned in Russia for their alleged propaganda mischief. 

(Post-script): Soros was old friend of Fori (Shobha) Nehru, wife of Indira Gandhi’s cousin BK Nehru.