Post-poll violence in Kerala: One member of Muslim League dead

8th April 2021

8th April 2021

Mansur, the killed youth

Death of a member of the youth wing of Indian Union Muslim league (IUML) on Tuesday, has caused a major violence to erupt in Kannur district in Kerala where 10 Left party officers were vandalised. 

Mansur, the IUML member, died in a post-poll clash between workers of CPI-M and IUML on April 16. The violence erupted the next day. Now the district collector, TV Subhash, has called for an all-party meeting. 

Some three policemen were injured in the violence. 

As per witnesses, the clash between the two parties which resulted din violence on April 6 was on account of bogus voting. Said Mustafa, Mansur’s father: “The assailants dragged my son out of our house and killed him in front of my eyes. Our area is not known for political violence. There were no serious incidents to lead to such a cruel act.”

BJP leader and candidate from Kattakkada constituency, PK Krishna Das said: “The Marxist party has attacked BJP workers in my constituency. They have thrown bombs towards the workers, destroyed campaigning materials and the police did not take any action against them.”

Voting for Kerala was done on April 6 in a single phase for 140 seats. 


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