Roads, buildings, colleges in Srinagar to be renamed in honour of Kashmiri Pandits

7th September 2021

7th September 2021

Roads, buildings and colleges in Srinagar would be named in the honour of the Hindus who were thrown out of the Valley during the 90s, says Times Now. 

The NDA government of prime minister Narendra Modi, for example, would rename a college after a prominent Kashmiri Hindu and Indian contemporary playwright, Mini Lal Kemmu. A road would be named after Pandit Zinda Koul, a Kashmiri poet and writer fondly known as “Masterji.”

The Centre has also launched a portal for Kashmiri pandits to facilitate reclaiming their property they were forced to abandon or sell during the exodus. 

However there is a word of caution from a Kashmiri Hindu activist Sushil Pandit who said that a law for property restoration was brought within a decade of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits but it only led to harassment. 

However, this new portal is with a different. The Immovable Property Act would be implemented by district commissioners who would now be responsible to ensure there is no illegal encroachment on Kashmiri Pandits properties, even if no complaint has been registered. 


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