Rohit Sardana Foundation launched by his wife to promote “Nation First” journalism

12th June 2021

12th June 2021

Pramila and Rohit with their kids: File photo

Senior Journalist Pramila Dixit, wife of late journalist Rohit Sardana took to Twitter to launch a foundation, Rohit Sardana Foundation, to support independent journalism in the name of senior journalist. 

“The passing away of a person may be considered as the passing away of his body, but his thoughts live on forever. The Rohit Sardana Foundation is just the beginning of a new episode that is committed to keeping alive the nation first in journalism,” said Pramila Dixit on Twitter.

According to Dixit, The foundation aims to execute his plans to bring a massive impact in the field of journalism that puts nation first. The trust also launched a fundraiser that aims to raise Rs. 3 crore. However, it is yet to reach mass people. 

The funds raised from this campaign will be utilized for:

  • Research, innovation & advancement in the field of mass-media.
  • Provide scholarships, grants, other monetary assistance for media persons.
  • Promote education in the field of journalism & mass communication.
  • Research & contribution to the development & reform of journalism.
  • Rohit Sardana Awards: Encourage promising journalists who are making India strong

Senior Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana, passed away recently after testing positive for the covid-19. He also suffered a heart attack.



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