Rs 1,000 crore of illegal inducement offered to voters; TN and Bengal top

17th April 2021

17th April 2021

The Election Commission (EC) has so far documented Rs 1,000 crore of illegal inducements to voters, such as liquor and cash—and the report is a “progressive” one, being updated as Bengal is only midway past its phases of polling. 

Tamil Nadu has shown up maximum amount of Rs 446.28 crores, followed by West Bengal (Rs 300.11 crores). 

Apart from Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, Assam recorded Rs 122.35 crores, Kerala Rs 84.91 crores and Puducherry Rs 36.95 crores. 

The panel claims its a “historic milestone” never before achieved in assembly polls. 

Five elections were scheduled in March-April in the country in which Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry are over. Bengal, as said, is continuing. 

While the present total of Rs 1,000 crores in these five States-Union Territory are a record, the previous in the same Five in 2016 was Rs 225.77 crores. 


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