Shiv Sena slams Javed Akhtar for Taliban comparison of RSS

6th September 2021

6th September 2021

Calling the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a 'nation-building organization, the Shiv Sena slammed lyricist Javed Akhtar for his alleged comparison of RSS and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) with the Taliban. 

Shiv Sena, in its mouthpiece, 'Saamana,’ said, "linking Hindutva with the Taliban is disrespectful to Hindu culture."

"We won't accept madness in the name of Hindutva. How can you say those who favour the concept of a 'Hindu rashtra' are of Taliban mindset? We don't agree with this, " the party said.

Countries like Pakistan and China, where democracy doesn't exist, are backing the Taliban in Afghanistan because human rights have no place in these countries. But India is a democratic country and respects individuals’ freedom, so it is erroneous to compare RSS with the Taliban. India is tremendously tolerant in every way," it added further.

The editorial mentioned that in spite of being a Hindu-majority nation, India is a proudly secular country. Asserting that the stand of those who propagate a Hindu nation is moderate, the Sena edit said comparing Hindutva with the Taliban is an "insult" of the Hindu culture.

“For organisations like RSS and VHP, Hindutva is a culture. They want the rights of Hindus should not be suppressed. Moreover, it has never imposed any restrictions on women's rights. But the situation in Afghanistan is heart-wrenching. Many fled from their own country in fear, the rights of women are being suppressed,” the editorial stated. 

For unversed, Akhtar recently told a news channel that right-wing all over the world have similarities with the Taliban. "The Taliban want an Islamic country. These people want to make a Hindu Rashtra," the lyricist had said.

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