So why it is Reliance and Ambani End? Why Narendra Modi stadium?

25th February 2021

25th February 2021

Opponents of the Narendra Modi government have trained guns on the stadium being named after the prime minister of India and the two bowling ends being called Reliance End and Adani End. 

TimesNow has made a disclosure that both Reliance and Adani Group have bought a corporate box each which cost them Rs 250 crores plus GST for a period of 25 years. As per this contract the two ends are so called. 

As for the stadium being named after Modi, the new cricket stadium is only a part of the huge Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave. It houses an Olympic size swimming pool, squash arena, badminton and tennis courts among other sporting facilities. 

As per TimesNow, while the Adani End was given during the Congress regime in the state, Reliance End belonged to a government body, GDMC. 

In all there are 76 corporate boxes in the Narendra Modi Stadium and talks are on with other corporates to sell the east and west stands as well.

The Narendra Modi stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world with state of the art facilities.


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