Sonia Gandhi contradicts herself on vaccine-makers “brazen profiteering”

27th April 2021

27th April 2021

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi, in an interview with Indian Express, on one hand accused the Central government for not providing any financial aid to the medical sector. On the other, she accuses the vaccine-makers of “brazen profiteering.”

Now, the two of her statement seems to contradict each other as she on one side said that, “The medical sector was not supported financially in any way,” and should be given aid to increase its capacity, while on other hand called out vaccine manufacturers for declaring high rates and “earning profit in challenging times”

“Tragically, we have a situation where we have one nation and five vaccine prices from two vaccine manufacturers. How can the Modi government remain a mute spectator to this brazen profiteering and discriminatory pricing of vaccines?” Sonia Gandhi said. 

It should be noted that the Congress which is targeting government and vaccine makers for providing vaccination in the open market is the same Congress whose leaders earlier boasted that states could look after themselves only if the Centre was to "open up” the vaccination process even if at “higher prices."

Also, Mrs. Gandhi suggested that the Government of India should have borne the cost of the entire vaccination and provided it free to all citizens but forgot that the government didn’t charge even a single penny from the state government and provided them vaccination for free. 


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