Sreedharan supports Love-Jihad laws: I know how Hindu girls are tricked in Kerala

20th February 2021

20th February 2021

India’s Metro Man, Dr E Sreedharan, who has joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) disagrees that it’s a communal party or some of its States, putting the curbs on “Love Jihad." are on the wrong. 

“BJP is being painted a communal party today. As for me, they are not. Because I have had a long association with people from BJP. It’s a party consisting of nation -lovers,” said Sreedharan in an interview to NDTV. 

“Love Jihad, well I see what’s happening in Kerala. How Hindus (girls) are tricked into marriage and suffer. Even Christians,” said Sreedharan who is 88-year-old but looking forward to fighting elections in the forthcoming assembly elections on a BJP ticket. 

Sreedharan spoke of his admiration of prime minister Narendra Modi as well as for the previous BJP prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee with whom he shared a good rapport. 

“I have seen Modi speak. I have never seen him attack any religion. The taunt that has been brought on BJP is must unjust, according to me.”

As for Vajpayee, Sreedharan can’t stop gushing on the conduct of India’s former prime minister. 

“I have great admiration for Modi but that alone isn’t the thing. I had very good rapport with Vajpayee. In fact, he only opened the first section of Delhi Metro and his own personal conduct was very impressive. He bought his own ticket before travelling to Metro train. That’s the example I expect from the BJP, upright, eager to serve the country.”

Sreedharan said he has had a long association with the BJP and has observed them closely. 

“My personal belief is that BJP is the right party. There is no corruption. People are very upright. They are all hard-working people. And above all, they are nation-loving people.”

Sreedharan was scathing on his attack on Left (LDF) and Congress (UDF) party which have ruled the state of Kerala for so many decades alternatively. 

“There are two parties ruling Kerala alternatively…But in the last 15-20 years, they haven’t been able to bring any tangible benefit to the State. Quality of people hasn’t improved. Not even one single industry has come to Kerala in the last 20 years. Both the parties are ridden with corruptions and other scandals. 

“Besides they are fighting with the Government of India. Fighting with Government of India can’t get you much assistance.”

Sreedharan said he is aware that BJP has just one MLA in the assembly but he believes it’s the right party to get affiliated with. 

“I am fully aware of it (that BJP is not prominent in Kerala). But there is good reason why I decided to join BJP…I want to change the image and spread BJP very much in the state. 

Sreedharan also outlined his reasons for joining politics at this advanced age. 

“My professional responsibility is over. I want to do something for society, something for Kerala. Politics looks the only thing…I am not doing it for some honour or reward. 

“I also don’t want to fight elections as people are generally doing. Noise and all. This is not the way. I want to reach the heart of people. Tell them what I intend doing and what they could expect out of me. And that if only you are satisfied with me, then vote. Or don’t. 

PTI reports: Sreedharan said it has become fashionable in country to oppose BJP. He further supported the three contentious Farm Laws and said there is no intolerance in the country. He also said any attempt to malign the government before a foreign dispensation or medium can’t be called “freedom of expression” as that would tantamount to “war against the establishment” and this constitutional right has to be controlled if it is misused against our own country.

The Kerala assembly polls are slated for April-May. 




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