Swamy to fight for crusader Srivastava’s dismissal

11th June 2019

11th June 2019

SK Srivastava (left) and Dr. Subramanian Swamy

A controversy has broken out over the sacking of Income-Tax commissioner, SK Srivastava, along with 11 senior officials of finance ministry under Clause (J) of Rule 56 of the Fundamental Rules, by the finance ministry on Monday.

The 12 officers—all of the rank of Chief Commissioners, Principal Commissioners or Commissioners of Income Tax—faced complaints ranging from corruption, extortion, disproportionate assets and sexual harassment among others.

Srivastava’s removal though has caused heartburn as the high-profile tax official was known for his honesty and integrity and had pursued tax fraud cases against NDTV channel with a rare doggedness.

Srivastava was an unshakeable force against NDTV, one of its anchor and his wife (Abhishar Sharma) and former finance minister P. Chidambaram for a decade and a half, remaining firm against all odds.

He was framed under false sexual misconduct cases under the UPA rule. Srivastava believed that P Chidambaram was behind his troubles and wrote a scathing letter to the former finance minister, terming him as “fraud, corrupt, serial scamster, debauch and immoral.”

Srivastava was attempted to be framed by two ladies who made the allegation but refused to appear before the committee and the allegations fell flat. One of the ladies now faces action for threatening a high official of CBDT with fake sexual harassment charges.

The disclosures of Srivastava were behind the book “NDTV Frauds” which caused sensation on social media. Srivastava paid a heavy price for his obstinacy when he was termed “lunatic” by P. Chidambaram and subsequently sacked. However Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed his case and overruled the decision, ordering his reinstatement.

Firebrand leader Subramanian Swamy has tweeted that he would take up the case of Srivastava who was investigating the case against NDTV. "Since there is no new substantive case against him and Madam Sitharaman (new finance minister) has relied on P. Chidambaram time filed bogus cases to terminate his services possibly in favour of NDTV. First, I will write to Prime Minister.”

Social media is abuzz with the news of Srivastava’s dismissal. S. Gurumurthy, part-time director of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in a tweet has lamented the dismissal of Srivastava under “false sexual misconduct cases by PC (Chidambaram) and his stooges during UPA rule. It was done because he had established PC involvement in NDTV frauds. Srivastava deserves support of government to pursue cases against PC but he has been removed unfairly. Why??”

Gurumurthy, in another of his tweet, says: “Since Srivastava has been sacked, PC, NDTV have got hopes to escape. He had been behind most actions against them. IT dept. has very few capable investigators and legal brains like him. To club Srivastava with corrupt is the biggest joke. Great injustice.”

In another tweet of his Gurumurthy says that since “Srivastava is being compulsorily retired, it means Lutyens, PC and NDTV lobbies are still at work in this government.”

Meanwhile, there was jubilation on the other side of the judgment.

Anchor Abhisar Sharma also took to twitter in celebration to Srivastava’s dismissal.

“Justice. Victory. After 13 long years, a battle me and my wife fought against SK Srivastava. He has now been sacked by @PMOIndia @FinMinIndia. All the filth and falsehood raised by this man now smashed,” tweeted Sharma.

A laconic twitterati has observed: “If Srivastava was a sexual harasser as alleged by his colleagues and yet if it has taken 10 years to dismiss him, it's shameful. If sexual harassment story is not true, it is greater shame.”

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