Taliban govt: Ministers who are globally Wanted Terrorists

8th September 2021

8th September 2021

The Taliban have announced an interim government in Afghanistan, declaring the country an "Islamic Emirate".

However, the new government is entirely male and made up of Talibani figures that includes globally wanted terrorists. While current Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhund is reportedly on the United Nations’ blacklist, the interior minister and the leader of the Haqqani militant group, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list with a bounty of $5 million.

While the Taliban have previously claimed to form an inclusive government, it didn’t include even a single woman.

While Afghan women enjoyed significant progress in education and civil liberties over the 20 years, the Taliban takeover has posed new challenges. 

the Jihadi group’s supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada said that Sharia law would be in force. 

Earlier, the Taliban confirmed that the new government would be different from the previous and follow “reasonable and legitimate” means to govern. But Akhundzada mentioned that a council of Islamic scholars will determine the legal system and that an Islamic government will be guided by Islamic law, not the principles of democracy.

Under Sharia rule, women had to cover themselves and only leave the house in the company of a male relative. The Taliban has also banned girls from attending school and women from working outside the home. They have also shut down some women’s clinics and schools for girls.

The Taliban has replaced the Ministry of Women Affairs with the “Ministry of Amr bil Ma’ruf wa Nahy aan al Munkar” (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice). 

Hosna Jalil, the former deputy minister for women’s affairs in Afghanistan said that Shariah for them meant “lack of access to education, restricted access to health services, no access to justice, no shelter, no food security, no employment, literally nothing.”


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