The golden age of lies: When everyone but farmers are being blamed

12th January 2021

12th January 2021

It’s a freefall. Farmers don’t listen to judiciary or legislature. They don’t want amendments nor are they open to a panel by the Supreme Court. 

Then we have media. It doesn’t question farmers. Nobody tells them it is what it is: a blackmail. But then they are by the side of farmers. Why would they ask the simple question: Problem Kya Hai (What’s the problem)?

Does it matter what farmers around India want? That India is losing hundreds of crores every day? That India is descending into chaos and anarchy? That how “poor farmers” could squat for months at end without income or harvest? Covid-19 anyone which is sending countries in complete lockdowns?

Everyone is being blamed but the farmers. Why?

In this circus, we all are abandoned by the Powers: Government is wary lest a punitive action mutates this protest into something else; Supreme Court survives on fear: What if farmers say to hell with you. Public pressure is a wimp for two reasons: neither the media nor the organized civil society is honest. Agendas matter. Not the well-being of the country. A handful are taking a billion off the cliff. 

This is the golden age of lies. Or half-truths. You repeat it enough and truth, as it never existed. All we are left with is stories. Nobody is looking for heroes. Everyone is busy finding a villain. In times such as this, which would now be a norm in India, all the apparatus—law, media, society, governance—have been reduced to a farce. Does it even matter to anyone that we are warlike on our borders? Or that a broken economy doesn’t need bend but mend?

We mock commies on their propaganda. In which way democracy is any different? What’s the point in electing our representatives at all—those behemoth of elections taking place somewhere all the time. Or bothering about Your Honours? Or trusting agencies to clear the passage to Delhi? After all, a few hundred men, squatting and screaming, funded and ferried, mounted by media, would amount them to nothing. They won’t budge, they won’t explain, they would hold the nation to ransom. 

It’s not democracy but subversion if institutions surrender to anarchists. What else do you call those who feel a wound is a good enough reason to purge the entire body. You don’t invite blackmailers for bread. Rather you bring the batons to their door.  

Is there even a choice between law and lawlessness?


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