Twitter censors Ram Mandir video; leads to howls of protest

6th August 2020

6th August 2020

A video displaying Bhagwan Ram and the Ram Mandir has been censored by Twitter as “potentially sensitive content” which has taken the twitteratis by storm.

Jagdish Sehwani, chairman, Ram Janma Bhoomi Shilanyas celebrations Committee, USA, Jagdish Sewhani had shared a nine-second video on Twitter of New York's Times Square display which fell foul with the twitter.


Sehwani quoted the video with the caption, "I was so proud to see our Ram Mandir and Ramji in Times Square today. Let's celebrate this once in a lifetime event tonight at 7.30 p.m."


But Jagdish's video was blanked out by the Twitter with a message saying, "The following media includes potentially sensitive content."


Meanwhile, twitter doesn’t seem to have any problem with a photo where an Islamic group is seen protesting with offensive slogans against the Ram Temple at the same Times Square.


This Islamic group succeeded to the extent that authorities turned off the display on Wednesday morning after showing it for a few hours.


An image of the Wednesday morning protest in Times Square with offensive words was shared on Twitter by the Indian American Muslim Council and Twitter displayed that image without a single word of caution.

Twitter is being accused of censoring the content of the Right while promoting the one of Left and the Liberals—a case of selective ideological bias.


In 2018, on his visit to India, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter had posed with a poster, that displayed an inflammatory message, "Smash Brahminical Patriarchy,"


Jim Jordan, an influential Republican member, House of Representatives, recently gave the statement, "no matter how you spin it, there seem to be different rules for conservatives and liberals on the (Twitter) platform".

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