Western media has a running agenda against Modi and there’s proof aplenty

7th September 2021

7th September 2021

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Modi is advocating a self-sufficient, muscular nationalism centred on the country's Hindu majority. That vision put him at odds with the interfaith, multicultural goals of modern India's founders."

Before you consider it a part of an anti-piece on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, I would clarify that it is not. Instead, it's an advertisement put up by the 'liberal champion' The New York Times on its website for the post of a business correspondent in South Asia.

This advertisement is as clear a giveaway as any about the hostility and agenda of Western media against the Indian prime minister. The ferocity of it makes one think as if a plague has visited India. 

Aatish Taseer, son of Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, a journalist from a country with a serious deficit in secularism, wrote in the Atlantic magazine how India is no longer a secular country. "For the first time in India's long history of secularism, a religious test had been enacted." 

William Dalrymple, that beacon of Left-Liberals, talks about how Partition  has made India and Pakistan more vulnerable than ever to religious extremism, and it is, according to Dalrymple, a "hard-line right-wing government" that doesn't want to end the war of 1947 as it "rejects dialogue with Islamabad." 

How can 'journalist' Rana Ayyub be left behind when it’s creating false narratives around Hindu-Muslims and blaming the Modi governmen? Her dubious reporting practices makes her favourite of global liberals. 

From demanding revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir to giving clean chit to Tablighi Jamat in spreading  Covid-19, she continued assailing PM Modi and the central government in her columns, which were full of suppositions rather than hard facts.

The NYT also published an article written by one Gardiner Harris that talked about Muslim sentiment in India following the saffron party's victory.

"After a landslide electoral triumph Friday by the Bharatiya Janata Party of Hindu nationalists, some Muslims here said they were worried that their place in India could become even more tenuous," Harris wrote.

Their vulture journalism and obsession with burning pyres when India was struggling with Covid-19 is still fresh in mind. 

The Outreach Department of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, the country's most premier journalism training institute, in June this year, conducted a survey – 'A Study of the Coverage of Covid-19 Pandemic in India by Western Media.' It founded that as many as 82 per cent of the respondents didn't find the coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic in India by the Western media to be convincing enough. 

While the majority of the people consider them inauthentic, Congress's former president, Rahul Gandhi quotes Western media with glee. 

A notable publication, with its people sitting 10,000 miles away in America, forecasts Covid deaths in India, and Rahul provides it affirmation. But the same publication forgot about their "obligation to tell the world what's happening without fear of offending the government" when they have to report Covid deaths in the United States.  

Who can forget The Economist's infamous cover story on Modi in 2014 that advised Indians: "We do not find the prospect of a government led by Congress under Mr. (Rahul) Gandhi an inspiring one. But we have to recommend it to Indians as the less disturbing option." 

The Financial Times, another western media outlet, offered "advice" to the Indian Prime Minister. "Mr Modi's duty is to govern in the interests of all Indians, in word as well as in deed. There is still time to express remorse for the events in Gujarat. He should brook no hint of Hindu triumphalism nor veer from the country's secular principles.”

The Washington Post was no different. It wrote an opinion piece that carried this headline – "Will Narendra Modi's era be marked by an economic boom or derailed by nationalism?"

It must be mentioned that American business capitalist Jeff Bezos owns both Washington Post and Amazon and eyes Indian business on one hand while with the other is the cesspool of anti-Modi agenda. 

A Twitter user has done a brilliant job by sharing articles that western mainstream media has presented off its pages. The thread can be read here.  This imbalance, created by western media, has led to the dissonance of opinion between the truth of India and distortion by Western media. This same monster, the absentee journalism, treats the Gandhi dynasty lightly, with no-hard-questions-asked policy. 

Western media had stayed quiet on the complete 10-year tenure of Congress between 2004-2014, an era which was laced with serial scams. It’s in bed with India’s liberal establishment, comprising of Left-leaning academia and globalists ideology. 

Meanwhile Modi the man is busy building India that doesn’t crave Western attention. 


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