WHO faces flak for showing J&K, Ladakh not in India

10th January 2021

10th January 2021

World Health Organization (WHO), which is already facing flak from countries across the globe for its failure to control the Chinese virus, has again called for another controversy by distorting India’s map.

In the map published by WHO, Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir are shown separated from the rest of the country. It has used different colors to show Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from the rest of the country. 

While the two union territories were presented in grey colour, the disputed border space of Aksai Chin is demarcated in grey with blue stripes, the identical shade as that of China.

 There is the possibility that WHO probably be pressurised by the communist party of China to release distorted maps. 

 WHO has been criticized globally for failing in preventing the pandemic and has also been accused of being too focused on China. 

 WHO even ignored Taiwan, when it tried to provide evidence over human-to-human transmission due to Taiwan’s disrupted relations with China.

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