Why mainstream media is India’s biggest villains: Check out these instances

18th April 2021

18th April 2021

We in NewsBred think that Mainstream Media is India’s biggest villain. They are in business of brainwashing readers. We, in not letting it happen. So a digest, from time to time, is to cleanse you of the poison. 

Type “UP build tin in funeral to hide deaths” in Google search. You would see a picture of a blue tin sheet in Lucknow crematorium being fixed. And your search would show up names like India Today, ABP Live, Deccan Herald, The Quint, ThePrint, Hindustan Times etc. The reader is told it’s to hide the spiralling Covid deaths from public view. Who told them so? If they had bothered to ask the Yogi administration, they would’ve known that it’s to ensure that other deaths and their pall-bearers/attendees are not exposed to Covid-strain. That the two kinds of deaths are being kept separate. But then mainstream media is in business of fake news, fear-mongering. 

Kumbh Mela. The outrage is justified. It’s now been closed but there was no reason for it to have continued while Covid cases surged. Yet why put archive pictures to show as if it happened only an hour ago? Those pictures where lakhs and lakhs are swarming streets and banks of holy river? Which are dated. Check it out

Somehow, spiralling Covid cases is a boon to mainstream media. Your newspapers are full on hospital beds running out in Delhi; Maharashtra battling with shortage of vaccines and oxygen cylinders; Sonia Gandhi asking for vaccines to be opened for adults above 25 in age; Trinamool Congress crying out to club remaining phases as Covid is killing candidates and polling agents

Could we the readers ask these pen-pushers: 

  1. If election is causing Covid hike, what explains the poop hitting the roof in Maharashtra; 
  2. What did Arvind Kejriwal do all this while as wave after wave hit the Capital? Or was he too busy handing out 100s of crores in ads to you, newspapers, instead of using funds for more hospitals, more beds;
  3. Why haven’t you called out Uddhav Thackeray for its utter failure to control Covid in last two years? Why don’t you ask Thackeray to shut up as he has been delivered more vaccines, more oxygens than anyone else?; How many of you know that BMC officials are allegedly taking money to help international passengers escape mandatory quarantine? You could have four vaccines and eight oxygen cylinders for every state citizen but such misgovernance would never put you on top of pandemic; 
  4. Why should elections in Bengal be clubbed or abandoned when it’s reporting only 4,000 cases daily? And Durga Puja? And Ramzan?
  5. Could you dare ask Sonia Gandhi to have some shame in asking for all-adults-above-25 for vaccination? Knowing that vaccines can’t be ramped up overnight; that it would be the proverbial straw which would break the back of camel (the overstrained medical infrastructure and staff); Is she looking for mayhem in country?
  6. Rahul Gandhi is no better than a twitter troll these days. Sample his quips: (i) No test, no hospital, no bed, no ventilator, no oxygen, no vaccines; (ii) This government could only have Tughlaqi lockdowns, ring the pans, trust God to come to aid. Have you heard your newspaper tell him: SHUT UP. Who imposed lockdown first in this wave of Covid? Maharashtra. In the first wave, it was Congress-ruled states which were extending the durations of lockdowns. Shouldn’t Rahul Gandhi be asked on his views on Covid situation in Punjab, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra etc?

The Swarajyamag has observed Kolkata’a Telegraph for a few weeks and come up with a damning account of its plants, fake news and dishonest reporting. Take time out and have a look. Modi’s quip of “Didi O Didi” amounts to eve-teasing in the newspaper’s eyes. Mahua Moitra calls him sadak-chhap. Any editorial on Mahua Moitra calling “choti-wala rakshas”? Mamata Banerjee’s comments for Muslims to come together is not communal, not polarization? Arresting CRPF or giving a call to assault central police personnel isn’t worth batting an eyelid?

Mainstream Media misinforms us to make sure we make misinformed choices. Who are the winners if they succeed? Corrupt politicians and the ecosystem of which media is a part. And who are the losers? You and I readers.

And the home we call India. 



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