Veeresh Malik

AAP is pushing dual citizenship in Goa: As always follow the money

20th September 2021
The Aam Aadmi Party seems to be walking a tightrope in Goa, which goes to polls in February 2022) on matters pertaining to Citizenship if this article is to be...

It’s time tenants do a check on landlords: Or Indian laws could hurt you!

14th September 2021
The typical urban scenario used to be about a tenant doing the rounds, looking for reasonable accommodation - and then going through a rigorous know-your-tenant (KYT)...

We know about its founder Hume: Whose salt Congress is loyal to, now?

8th September 2021
About 5 years ago, I wrote an article for TOI, about India's maritime resurgence with special emphasis on the East Coast. In one part, I mentioned more in passing...

The rush for EV three-wheelers design: How about a tadpole look?

3rd September 2021
First of all, did you know that a motorised 3-wheeler which is less than 450mm in width, end to end, can be registered as a 2-wheeler in India. To qualify for this, there...

Ola EV two-wheelers and the online booking game: Be careful, very very careful

30th August 2021
Ola's battery operated electric vehicle two-wheeler announcement as well as online booking for 499/- has generated a massive buzz without any production or manufacturing...

Why it is even being ensured whether the bridegrooms can “perform” or not in North India

29th August 2021
Returning to Dehlee by train in daylight hours is like stepping back in time to the Mughal days - when random palace intrigue episodes and "hakims" from a particular...

Chukh Chukh, chakh chakh, Delhi se Bengaluru tak: Train-ing India we don’t see

4th August 2021
Riding a train through rural India during the monsoons is a feast for the eyes and a huge learning curve for those people whose open eyes take the path forward to an open...

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