September 1: A launch when India could’ve lost J & K but for this man

Sant Kumar Sharma

1st September 2020
Changing horses midstream is considered a very silly and stupid idea, to be avoided always. Yet, this was precisely what Pakistani dictator Ayub Khan did in 1965 war that...

Congress’ hand alleged in “dislikes” on Modi’s “Mann Ki Baat”: Here’s proof!

Newsbred Staff

31th August 2020
Congress is stooping to new low everyday it seems in its hatred against the Modi government, twice elected and an overwhelming choice of the nation.

How’s that! IPL in three weeks but nobody has a clue on schedule

Ravi Kant Singh

30th August 2020
The Board of Control for Cricket in India seems to be stumbling from one storm to another, almost floundering like a richly-laden schooner adrift at sea with a broken...

Hydrogen Bomb and its “top secrets” are now in public domain

Deepika Anjna

30th August 2020
In 1952, the United States used the world's first hydrogen bomb with 700 times greater destructive force than the atomic bomb used to destroy Hiroshima.

Facebook made “operational mistake”: Mark Zuckerberg

Bhumika Arora

30th August 2020
The social media giant Facebook made an “operational mistake” in not taking sooner action against a militia group’s page that called for armed civilians...

Imran moves to win over Afghanistan--As a booty for China

Sanjay K. Sharma

29th August 2020
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan rang up the chairman of Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation, Dr Abdullah Abdullah this week. It was to invite the...

China groaning under Pakistan’s deadweight; CPEC is a millstone around neck

Sant Kumar Sharma

28th August 2020
China invested the world over in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects in countries to debt trap them. In our neighbourhood, Sri Lanka is a prime example of this...

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