Too little on Hindu kings, social reformers, saints in our history books: Research to Parliament Committee

Newsbred Staff

10th July 2021
There is a disproportionate attention to Mughal rulers, caste issues and barely any mention of achievements of Hindu kings, Indian saints and social reformers in our...

Jauhar: A tale of our women who preferred death to being disrobed and raped

Surya Sarathi Roy

17th October 2020
When did the first Jauhar happen? Well, we know the instance at lest from 1303 CE when Padmavati/Padmini conducted it with 700-odd Rajput women to avoid misery at the...

When we remember Maharana Pratap, we ought to pay respect to this Pathan

Surya Sarathi Roy

14th October 2020
Hakim Khan Suri the grandson of the Legendary Sher Shah Suri of Sansaram (Bihar). It’s indeed very sad that none of the history text books capture this valiant...

The so-called "ganga-jamuni tehzeb" and its’ terrible reality

Ashish Shukla

13th April 2019
(I read an absolutely horrendous editorial in Times of India on April 13, 2019. It’s an apologist questioning why Jallianwala Bagh must be raked up after 100 years....

Ram “Janmabhoomi” through history’s prism

Rohit Sardana

1st December 2016
The destruction of Babri Structure this week 24 years ago was a seminal moment in India's history. Over many centuries, Hindus fought tooth and nail to reclaim "Ram Janmabhoomi"....

Why “Shaktimaan” matters and not cows

Ashish Shukla

1st August 2016
When Shaktimaan the horse is injured to death, our media’s hysteria lasts over a month. When millions of cows are illegally slaughtered, not a word is written. Why?

Being Hindu in an intolerant India

Newsbred Staff

1st May 2016
Hindus don’t have a prophet or the concept of an infidel. Yet they are the victim of an increasingly intolerant India.

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