Sibal manoeuvres for an Opp front, and hold your breath, minus Gandhis!

Newsbred Staff

10th August 2021
Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal hosted a dinner, a day after his birthday, which sent his party leaders into a tizzy. While it was a small birthday party, later it...

Who has failed India?: A video compiles politicians’ words and deeds

Newsbred Staff

28th April 2021
Who has failed India? There is a video in circulation which lists the ills of the State government, mostly Congress-ruled states. 

Congress closer to split: Dissenters face heat from loyalists

Newsbred Staff

2nd March 2021
Much like the first time when the Gandhi loyalists had led a ferocious attack against the dissenters in party, this time too the G-23 club has the entire Congress...

Azad praises Modi: Congress looks headed for a split as G-23 dissenters are defiant

Newsbred Staff

28th February 2021
There are telltale signs of a Congress split—and it could happen before the promised elections for the president’s post in June. 

Trouble in Congress as “G-23" dissenters gather in Jammu: “Party is weak”

Newsbred Staff

27th February 2021
Gandhis watching the “23 dissenters” rally in Jammu on Saturday, proclaiming that Congress had weakened, in the guise of “Shanti Sammelan” would...

Congress president elections after 5 assembly polls in May

Newsbred Staff

22nd January 2021
Congress party would elect its new president after elections in the five states are over in May, it was decided at a top party meeting today.

Sonia mollycoddles three dissenters; puts them in three committees

Newsbred Staff

20th November 2020
Sonia Gandhi has accommodated four senior dissenting party leaders in three different committees on national security, economy and foreign affairs. The move is being...

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