Bamboos are set to take roots: We can start counting bounty

Sant Kumar Sharma

13th January 2021
The fragrance of agarbattis (incense) rolled in Jammu will soon spread far and wide as the government plans to set up a special cluster for doing so. The production of...

How Rabindranath Thakur became Rabindranath Tagore: And you say we shouldn’t mind

Bhumika Arora

13th January 2021
Attempting to spell in English has become that computer game where, no matter what, you eventually had to lose. Spelling and pronunciation are definitely not the first...

Why LaWhores and LootYens alone have an issue with Central Vista?

Veeresh Malik

6th January 2021
One big thing I learnt when working in and for the Americans was the way credit for success was shared across all participants bottom-up and accountability for failure...

General Niazi, a war-hero in undivided India; a villain like few in Pakistan

Sant Kumar Sharma

16th December 2020
One of the finest military victories of the Indian Army was scored on December 16, 1971, when it midwifed the birth of a new nation. What fell was East Pakistan and what...

Ahmed Patel and his links to the 12th Road, the most important one in The Game

Veeresh Malik

25th November 2020
Here in India, we say good things about anybody and everybody who passes on to the next world, and there is no exception on Ahmed Patel or Ahmedbhai Mohammedbhai Patel of...

A street called India: Where the Might of the Law is at its nakedest

Veeresh Malik

18th November 2020
My first step ashore as a seafarer to Singapore in 1975, as soon as the boat brought us to Clifford Pier, was right into the smiling arms of the Law. A tall, genial,...

IPC, CrPC would undergo massive overhaul, says MoS, Home Affairs

Newsbred Staff

2nd November 2020
It seems the time has come for Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) to undergo a massive overhaul. To keep pace with the changing times and new...

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