The adroit Yogi has got the monkey off his back: But wolves are still circling

Newsbred Staff

9th June 2021
It seems Yogi Adityanath and his State Uttar Pradesh is alone in this battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. A state with a population of 23 crores, showed up only 14k...

Covid-19 martyrs: Does Kejriwal discriminate in dispensing the compensation promised?

Newsbred Staff

1st June 2021
Does Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal discriminate in dispensing the compensation he announces for casualties suffered in this pandemic?

Oxygen supply up by 25%; could ease up completely by mid-May

Newsbred Staff

30th April 2021
India could ease on its oxygen crisis by mid-May, it’s claimed. Already, the supply is 25% up from the times when the second wave of Coronavirus broke out a month...

Coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab, says director of US Center

Newsbred Staff

28th March 2021
The former director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),Robert Redfield, believes the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China, sometime in...

Covid-19: How much truth is in the “Herd Theory” we keep hearing about?

Bhumika Arora

25th February 2021
Centre has been quick to dispatch its team to troubled nine states where Coronavirus is on surge. We had almost left the pandemic in the recess of memory but now its...

Indian students: Out of China and staring at a bleak future

Newsbred Staff

15th February 2021
They number in thousands, 25,000 and more. They are young. And looking at a bleak future. All because Coronavirus happened and they had to leave Chinese Universities and...

Why India could tackle Corona: Credit it to lack of a protein

Newsbred Staff

9th February 2021
The deficiency of a human protein, neutrophil elastase, among Asians may be the reason for slower spread of corona virus endemic in Asian countries. Scientists at...

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