Kerala, Corona numbers and Hathras: What’s the connection?

Ashish Shukla

12th October 2020
Kerala, the latest figures tell us, recorded highest Coronavirus cases on Sunday, even higher than Maharashtra. While the national average of additions is a mere 1 per...

Centre informs Supreme Court to “not interfere in fiscal policy”

Deepika Anjna

10th October 2020
In response to the Supreme Court, the government informed on Friday that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's not possible to give more relief to different...

When long hair wasn’t due to lockdown: Tendulkar shares a blast from the past

Newsbred Staff

26th September 2020
Legendary Sachin Tendulkar has shared a photo from his childhood in Instagram with the caption: “Back when the reason for long hair wasn’t the lockdown. Never...

Modi asks MPs to stand in solidarity with soldiers: Monsoon Session begins

Newsbred Staff

14th September 2020
Masks. MPs separated by poly-carbon sheets. The 18-day Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament began today in an unusual spectacle.

Modi announces Health Mission: All citizens could have a “health card”

Newsbred Staff

15th August 2020
A landmark moment in India’s history was announced by prime minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort in the Capital on the...

Italy is “benched” even though Coronavirus has moved away!

Bhumika Arora

15th August 2020
Italy, for a long time, had the world’s sympathy as a sufferer from the Coronavirus pandemic. It again is the object of world’s attention: for the desks it...

A few who wish Coronavirus pandemic never ends and goes on and on….

Bhumika Arora

2nd August 2020
Coronavirus pandemic might be bad news for the world but there are a few who wouldn’t like it to end anytime soon. Amazon, and its owner Jeff Bezos, are raking in...

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