How to make money in India: What these two individuals know is invaluable

Veeresh Malik

12th June 2021
We had two real neighbours when I was growing up as a child in Defence Colony, New Delhi, in the '60s. On one side was a famous Barrister, as modest and...

Navneet Kalra saga: Two former Indian cricketers are on radar of Delhi Police

Shantanu Guha Ray

16th May 2021
Navneet Kalra, whose restaurants and optical stores in Delhi are always brimming with India’s rich and famous, is stuck with a peculiar problem.

No crop burning, no Diwali, no heavy traffic: Still Delhi is most polluted in world!!!

Veeresh Malik

18th March 2021
This is the Air Quality Index in and around Delhi right now (image below). There are no crops being burnt. Diwali is not happening. Traffic on the otherwise busy roads...

It was time Delhi Gymkhana was brought to book; there are many more clean-ups awaiting

Veeresh Malik

18th February 2021
I have written about Colonial remnant type Clubs in India here in Newsbred in the past also. There must be a large number, probably a few thousand of which most...

“DefCol”: What’s in a name? Well, a lot if New India matters to you

Veeresh Malik

21st November 2020
Sometime in August 2020, I placed a simple Public Grievance online with the Ministry of Home Affairs, seeking a change in the name of Defence Colony, New Delhi - 110024,...

Moaners on a year’s education gone to pandemic: What they could learn from my Chachi

Veeresh Malik

6th October 2020
Like many Partition widows, the eldest paternal Aunt was called Chachi or Bhabhi or BeBe or Big Grandma, and for those growing up around her variously, she was also very...

Progenies of slavers shouldn’t look for privileges—nor get ones--in new India

Veeresh Malik

6th August 2020
 Symbolic changes are extremely important to help rebuild a Nation. The ceremonies around the Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan laying are one such example by which we remind...

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