Twitter snub for Rahul Gandhi; tweet removed for revealing victim’s family

Newsbred Staff

7th August 2021
Twitter has removed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s tweet in which he had revealed the identity of parents of minor rape and murder victim in in Delhi Cantonment...

Rahul Gandhi drives up to Parliament in a tractor; Delhi Police steps in

Newsbred Staff

26th July 2021
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made a spectacle of himself by driving a tractor up to the parliament, never mind it was confiscated by Delhi Police. 

How Kanwariyas could still do their yatra: A suo motu take by a citizen

Ashish Shukla

17th July 2021
Kanwariyas could consider a simple change in appearance to do Yatra this year which was denied to them last year too on account of Covid-19. 

Kejri govt rejects Delhi Police’ panel of lawyers for protesting farmers’ cases

Newsbred Staff

16th July 2021
 The Delhi Cabinet led by Arvind Kejriwal rejected the city police's proposal to set up a panel of lawyers for cases related to the farmers protest against the...

Bail to Activists: Judiciary is in danger of losing its moral authority

Ashish Shukla

18th June 2021
I might be jumping the gun before Supreme Court takes up Delhi Police’s appeal to deny bail to three activists (Natasha Narwal, Devangana Kalita and Asif Iqbal...

Twitter “MD” ties himself in knots as Delhi Police comes calling

Newsbred Staff

17th June 2021
Delhi Police Special Cell officers have travelled to Bengaluru and interrogated Twitter’s managing director for India Manish Maheshwari over the “manipulated...

Stop beating around the bush, comply with laws: Govt’s blunt message to Twitter

Newsbred Staff

27th May 2021
The Modi government has asked Twitter to stop “beating around the bush” and “comply with laws of the land” after the latter expressed concerns...

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