She was no one’s daughter, without caste, didn’t die too: A horror best told to our own women

Ashish Shukla

16th October 2020
Anjali Tiwari apparently was no one’s daughter. She had no caste too. Hers was no death too. For if she was, our English mainstream media wouldn’t have...

Why some “rapes” are by “upper-caste” and others only by “men” if accused are Muslims?

Bhumika Arora

8th October 2020
A young girl from Hathras dies after a violent attack on which the jury is still out if it was a rape. A similar case occurs in another Uttar Pradesh district, Balrampur,...

What if this is how Hathras happened; and not as told by our Gandhis & media

Ashish Shukla

3rd October 2020
They say “Truth sets you free.” So, I have delved into the Hathras victim case. I am not the victim, nor the alleged perpetrator, nor police, nor CBI nor part...

“Anguished” Harivansh goes on a fast himself; draws praise from Modi

Newsbred Staff

22nd September 2020
Rajya Sabha deputy chairman Harivansh has gone on a one-day fast over the unruly behaviour he witnessed in the House on Sunday from the opposition MPs on farm...

Derek O’ Brien, Sanjay Singh suspended for rest of Rajya Sabha session

Newsbred Staff

21st September 2020
Derek O’ Brien (Trinamool Congress), Sanjay Singh (Aam Aadmi Party) and Rajeev Satav (Congress) are among eight opposition members who have been suspended from the...

Farmers’ bills passed amidst ugly scenes; Derek O’ Brien tears up rules book

Newsbred Staff

20th September 2020
Farm Bills—Farmers’ and Produce Trade and Commerce Promotion and Facilitation Bill 2020 and Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance...

“Haramkhor” Sanjay Raut: Here’s listing all those who fit the description

Ashish Shukla

6th September 2020
Sanjay Raut. Wait, wait. This isn’t a voice which you are hearing from behind Kangana Ranaut’s skirt. This man can fill up your nostrils all on his own. He is...

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