Remdesivir prices dramatically reduced at Centre’s intervention

Newsbred Staff

19th April 2021
In a significant development, the Central government has capped the price of Remdesivir. The decision was taken in reference to the ongoing efforts for enhancement of...

Maharashtra is letting India down big time; Shot-for-all demand is shifting goal-posts: Dr Vardhan

Newsbred Staff

7th April 2021
Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has slammed a few state government functionaries for asking to open up vaccination to everyone above the age of 18 when “the...

Let’s be on our feet to this man who has charted India out of Covid-19 cesspool

Bhumika Arora

21st January 2021
Let’s not hold it back. The man who was at the burning deck when Covid-19 was spreading like wildfire around the country; and now that it’s vaccination...

India rolls out vaccination plan: 27 crores to benefit by July

Newsbred Staff

2nd January 2021
In the first phase of vaccination campaign, at least one crore healthcare workers and two crore frontline workers would be given the priority, Union Health Minister Dr...

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