Pak has a running stomach on India heading terror committee in UN

Sanjay K. Sharma

15th January 2021
The Pakistani diplomats are apprehensive about India getting Chair of three United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committees, which they believe can be baleful to the...

Sajid Mir, the mastermind behind 26/11 is free but Pak claim innocence

Newsbred Staff

27th November 2020
Sajid Mir, who planned and executed the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008, continues to roam freely for 12 years with the help of Pakistan despite being on the wanted list...

After UAE, now France makes a public spectacle of Imran’s Pakistan

Newsbred Staff

20th November 2020
France has refused to provide the technical know-how needed for upgradation of Mirage fighter jets in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). It has also refused to help it upgrade its...

UN Watch tears into Imran Khan: “Pakistan’s presence in UNHRC is intolerable”

Bhumika Arora

8th November 2020
The UN Watch group, a Geneva-based NGO that is responsible for monitoring the performance of the United Nations, has roasted Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan,...

Indians watching more streaming videos than the rest of the world: Survey

Newsbred Staff

7th November 2020
Indians have left people of other countries far behind when it comes to spending time watching streaming videos. The average time spent by fellow countrymen has been...

Germany to deploy warship in Indian Ocean in view of China’s ambitions

Newsbred Staff

3rd November 2020
It’s a news which wouldn’t please the China Communist Party (CCP), Germany has decided to send one of its warships to patrol the Indian Ocean as a part to...

Shedding tears for France; but not when Kamlesh Tiwari was beheaded in India

Newsbred Staff

1st November 2020
Condemnation of recent events of Islamic terrorism witnessed in faraway France has come from many Indians, most of whom are often referred to as "Eminent Citizens". Of...

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